The Inventory Project – Landmarks or Sorting Landmarks Can Get Expensive

So I had this wonderfully ingenious idea (hey where is the sarcastic font?) to sort through my inventory.  I started with my landmarks.  When I started I had 200+ landmarks, 12,151 IZs and an empty objects folder.  After two days I have 102 landmarks, 9,151 IZ’s and 10 new things in my objects folder.  The trouble with sorting landmarks is that you find things that you need, but didn’t know you needed them, like the tiny giraffe I bought, or the 5 dresses I bought.  I had no idea I needed them, but I did.

Another thing about sorting landmarks is that it can be dangerous.  Like when you teleport to a landmark you’ve had in your inventory for a year, and WOW, the place it led to is no longer there, however there is a new house there and you teleport right into the middle of the bedroom.  That can get quite embarrassing, or em-bare-ass-ing, if you know what I mean. Or when you teleport to somewhere and end up falling, and falling, and falling and falling (you get the idea) and end up at the bottom of the ocean.  But I think the worst thing of all is when you teleport and there is a new build and somehow you end up teleporting into a all. I don’t mean like running into the fall I mean being part of the wall.

My next adventure will be sorting out my Notecards.  We shall see how that goes.




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2 thoughts on “The Inventory Project – Landmarks or Sorting Landmarks Can Get Expensive

  1. Yeah, I admit. I gotta go looking through mine as well. Landmarks, and especially objects. Horrible at naming objects so later on i have no clue what such and such an item is until I rez it. Gah!

    • Becky Torkelsonn

      I am currently working on organizing my sculpties, but there will be more about that in a future post, maybe in a couple of weeks when I finally get it all done. LOL

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