An Introduction

 Hello everyone!  My name is Becky Torkelsonn and I am a resident in Inworldz, which in my opinion is the best VW (virtual world) in the RL (real world). I was born into my first VW on August 10, 2009.  That world was SL (Second Life).  There I found a wonderful place called Victoriana.  It was a Victorian based sim with a wonderful Mayor by the name of LittleBlackDuck Lindsay.  I had found my home away from home.  I bought a parcel and built a house.  It was good.  Then the Mayor got the shaft from the powers that be in SL, and Victoriana had to be shut down.  I cried for a week.  It seems that although the Mayor had built everything that was Victoriana somehow the permissions got changed and he couldn’t fix anything and, well, the Lindens just didn’t seem to give a flying squirrel about it.  I bounced from place to place in SL never really finding a place that felt as comfortable as Victoriana.  And then in August of 2010 I received an e-mail from the Mayor saying that he was opening Victoriana in a place called Inworldz.  One year and three days after I was born into SL I was reborn.  On August 13, 2010 I was born in Inworldz.  I immediately found a parcel of land in Victoriana.  I have built myself a house and am in the middle of decorating it.  It is slow going as in RL I have started attending college online at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but that is a post for a different blog.  There are so many wonderful people in Inworldz, and although I didn’t think it was possible, I feel more at home here than I did in Victoriana on SL. So that is my virtual me in a nutshell.  I hope you return to read more of my posts.


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4 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Enjoyed your post Becky. It’s really interesting finding out how people got to InWorldz!

  2. Becky Torkelsonn

    Thanks Raspberry! I too enjoy finding out how people came to be who they are.

  3. Heya Becky! thought I’d drop on by and welcome you to bloggerdom. If you don’t mind I’d like to add you to my blogroll on my site if you don’t mind. So you can take a look beforehand before you decide here’s a link.

    Take care!

    • Becky Torkelsonn

      Hey Deson,

      I would be honored to be added to your blogroll. As soon as I figure out how to add a blogroll to my site, may I add you?


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